SO Retractile Cable Cord



Conductor: Standard bare copper 

Insulation: Rubber

Jacket: Black, oil resistant thermoset 

Temperature: +90°C

Max. Voltage: 600V  

Product Info: Designed as power supply cord on machine tools, communication equipment, test equipment, power and distribution equipment, home appliances, lighting, mobile controls and numerous other applications.

Approvals: CSA, UL

Colour Code: Up to 6c-Black, White, Green, Red, Yellow, or Orange, Brown 18-10c and 16-8c-Black, White, Green, Red, Orange, Blue, Wht/Blk tracer, Red/Blk tracer, Grn/Blk tracer, Org/Blk tracer. 14-7c and 12-7c-Black, White, Green, Red, Orange, Blue, Wht/Blk tracer