Polarflex 40 Welding Cable

Polarflex welding cable is furnished with 30 ga. (class k) flexible soft drawn electrolytic copper. The insulator and outer sheath are constructed of the same thermoplastic rubber compound. Polarflex exhibits excellent resistance to acid, oil, ultraviolet light, ozone and water. Polarflex offers superior abrasion resistance and improved flexibility and temperature resistance at both the upper and lower operating ranges. Uses include welding at 600 volts for intermittent use (up to three hours continuous use), automotive engine parts and connectors where superior performance in a wide range of operating conditions and environments apply

Jacket: CSA TPE jacketed cord SJT, SJTO, ST rated 60°C. Outdoor SJTW, STW, rated 60°C. FT2

Applications: For connections for electrode holder and clamp to arc welder, bus, welding box or transformer. Also suitable for certain 600 volt applications such as battery leads and jumper cables. Available in all standard colors.