LAPP Olflex-FD 890 Continuous Flex Control Cable



Conductor: Super fine stranded bare copper

Insulation: Specially blended PVC 

Jacket: Black oil resistant PVC 

Applications: Designed for continuous flex applications on gantry cranes, automated handling machines, pick and place units, machine tools, conveyor systems and any other application where continuous flexing exists. 

Temperature: -40°C to +90°C stationary. -5°C to +90°C flexible use.

Max. Voltage: 600V  

Approvals: CSA AWM II A/B FT1, CSA C22.2C210.2, UL style 2587

Features: Cabled with talc and non-wicking textile wrap over outer layer 

Flexibility: Minimum bend radius for continuous flexing is 8X cable diameter. 

Packaging: 300m Spools, Long length Reels cut to length

Colour Code: Red with Black numbers, plus Green/Yellow. Also available in Blue.