BDW A is a filled, doubled-jacketed buried wire intended for direct burial applications. It is designed to withstand installation stresses. BDW A is filled with an ETPR compound, which completely coats each insulated conductor and fills the air space between conductors. It is recommended for non-gopher areas.
Colour Code 5: view colour code


Conductor: Solid annealed copper

Insulation: Polyolefin, colour code

Jacket: Black, polyethylene

Applications: Distribution circuits and service entrance wires

Shield: Smooth, copolymer-coated, 8 mil aluminum tape applied longitudinally over inner jacket and bonded to outer jacket, space under the tape is flooded to eliminate all air space.

Core Wrap: Individual conductor dimensions are tightly controlled to limit resistance unbalance of twisted pairs; pair twist lays are varied to minimize crosstalk and meet capacitance and unbalance limits.

Approvals: ANSI/ICEA S-86-634-2004 RoHS-Compliant

Colour Code: 5