Part 1 – What are the new cables?

MachineFLEX™ Tray Control Cable: Southwire’s MachineFLEX™ control tray cables 600/1000 Volt conform to NFPA 79 and are suited for use in wet and dry areas, conduits, ducts, troughs, trays, direct burial and where superior electrical properties are desired. Southwire’s machine tray cable is ideal for use in CNC machines, grinding, cutting, metal forming, buffing, bottling equipment, conveyors, processing & packaging equipment, assembly lines, control panels, food and beverage, oil sands, plant expansion, wind energy and data centers.

Reduced Diameter Variable Frequency Drive Cable: Power supply cable for VFDs and motors, suitable for cable tray, conduit, raceways, exposed run (UL TC-ER) and conforming to NFPA 79 2018. Suitable for free air and direct burial. Its flexible design is ideal or use on operation processes in accordance with NEC® Articles 336, 501 and 502 including, but not limited to: fans, pumps, conveyors, compressors, elevators and lifts, extruders, crushers and presses, assembly lines, food and beverage, wind energy and data centers.


Part 2 – What are the target markets for these products?

  • Machine Builders
  • Packaging Equipment OEM’s
  • Material Handling OEM’s
  • Food and Beverage OEM’s
  • Pharmaceutical OEM’s
  • Green House Operators
  • Industrial Contractors
  • Industrial OEM End User


Part 3 – What are the advantages of these products

“The best application for these products is tight terminations, or where space has been an issue.” By taking advantage of the ultra flexibility of Machine Tray Cable it offers easier termination, or bending, when a customer is lamenting the amount of space that a given pull has to be completed.

Variable Frequency Cable (Reduced Diameter) can be used when there is a need to save space on machine operation processes, without losing the voltage capacity of a traditional VFD cable.


Part 4 – Advantages of using NCS

“Question: is there any minimum order quantity?”
Answer: By using National Cable Specialists, there is no need to deal with manufacturers lead times or order quantities. National Cable Specialists will have these products in stock, on master reels, that are able to be cut-to-length per order.

“Question: What if I require support for any of these products?”
Answer: There is a dedicated webpage available for specification sheets (LINK), beyond that, should you require more specialized education, you can contact any NCS branch and they will get in contact with the engineering team at Southwire Canada.

“Question: What products will be available from NCS?”



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