Electronic Wire & Cable

Electronic Wire & Cable

Equipment Wire

35 Series Electronic Wire

36 Series Belden Armoured

37 Series Telecom & Data Cables

39 Series Low Voltage Wire

42 Series Plenum Cable

49 Series Fiber Optic Cables

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Electronic Wire and Cable for a Wide Variety of Applications

National Cable Specialists carries an impressive selection of electronic wire and cable for residential, commercial, industrial, sound and broadcast, and data and telecommunications applications.

We inventory shielded and unshielded multi-pair and multi-conductor cables, station wire, equipment and hook-up wire, coaxial, twinaxial and satellite cable, riser(FT4) and plenum (FT6) category cables, low voltage wire, as well as a big selection of aluminum armoured copper and fiber optic communication cables for industrial and/or harsh environment and critial applications.

We work with leading North American and global manufacturers to custom design cable for any application. Please contact us for more details.